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ROMSTAR company has three basic branches of work, which allow our partners and us to develop:

ROMSTAR Factory deals with production of decorative foamed polystyrene goods for inner decoration of premises: ceiling slabs, baguettes, panels, extruded plinth, polyethylene and polystyrene substrate for laminated floors, polystyrene flat tape, packing containers.

Wholesales of ROMSTAR building and decorative goods of Chinese production include the following kinds of goods: mineral fiber ceiling panels and T-bars, pvc wall panels, pvc floor skirting, laminated floor panels (laminate), pvc and wood blinds.

Hypermarkets one of the main priority of our company is to cooperate with leading hypermarkets for building and decorative materials. Due to the quality control at all stages of production, effective policy of price/quality ratio, extensive network of stores in key regions, the goods of our factory are successfully represented at the leading hypermarkets for building and decorative materials: Nova Linia, Praktiker.

Wholesale purchases
Wholesale purchases
Goods in hypermarkets

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